Class TableBase.StringCellRenderer

  extended by de.matthiasmann.twl.Widget
      extended by de.matthiasmann.twl.TextWidget
          extended by de.matthiasmann.twl.TableBase.StringCellRenderer
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public static class TableBase.StringCellRenderer
extends TextWidget
implements TableBase.CellRenderer

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Widget.OffscreenMouseAdjustments, Widget.RenderOffscreen
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Fields inherited from class de.matthiasmann.twl.Widget
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void applyTheme(ThemeInfo themeInfo)
          Apply the given theme.
 Widget getCellRenderWidget(int x, int y, int width, int height, boolean isSelected)
          Returns the widget used to render the cell or null if no rendering should happen.
 int getColumnSpan()
          Returns how many columns this cell spans.
 void setCellData(int row, int column, java.lang.Object data)
          This method sets the row, column and the cell data.
protected  void sizeChanged()
          Called when the size of this widget has changed.
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getPreferredHeight, getTheme

Constructor Detail


public TableBase.StringCellRenderer()
Method Detail


public void applyTheme(ThemeInfo themeInfo)
Description copied from class: Widget
Apply the given theme. This method also calls invalidateLayout()

Specified by:
applyTheme in interface TableBase.CellRenderer
applyTheme in class TextWidget
themeInfo - The theme info for this widget


public void setCellData(int row,
                        int column,
                        java.lang.Object data)
Description copied from interface: TableBase.CellRenderer
This method sets the row, column and the cell data. It is called before any other cell related method is called.

Specified by:
setCellData in interface TableBase.CellRenderer
row - the table row
column - the table column
data - the cell data


public int getColumnSpan()
Description copied from interface: TableBase.CellRenderer
Returns how many columns this cell spans. Must be >= 1. Is called after setCellData.

Specified by:
getColumnSpan in interface TableBase.CellRenderer
the column span.
See Also:
TableBase.CellRenderer.setCellData(int, int, java.lang.Object)


protected void sizeChanged()
Description copied from class: Widget
Called when the size of this widget has changed. The default implementation calls invalidateLayoutLocally. As size changes are normally the result of the parent's layout() function.

sizeChanged in class Widget
See Also:


public Widget getCellRenderWidget(int x,
                                  int y,
                                  int width,
                                  int height,
                                  boolean isSelected)
Description copied from interface: TableBase.CellRenderer
Returns the widget used to render the cell or null if no rendering should happen. This widget should not be added to any widget. It will be managed by the Table. TableBase uses a stamping approch for cell rendering. This method must not create a new widget each time. This method is responsible to call setPosition and setSize on the returned widget.

Specified by:
getCellRenderWidget in interface TableBase.CellRenderer
x - the left edge of the cell
y - the top edge of the cell
width - the width of the cell
height - the height of the cell
isSelected - the selected state of this cell
the widget used for cell rendering or null.
See Also:
TableBase.CellRenderer.setCellData(int, int, java.lang.Object)