Class SimpleIntegerModel

  extended by de.matthiasmann.twl.model.HasCallback
      extended by de.matthiasmann.twl.model.SimpleIntegerModel
All Implemented Interfaces:
IntegerModel, WithRunnableCallback

public class SimpleIntegerModel
extends HasCallback
implements IntegerModel

A simple integer model. The value is not checked against the min/max values

Constructor Summary
SimpleIntegerModel(int minValue, int maxValue, int value)
          Creates a new integer model with the specified min/max and initial value
Method Summary
 int getMaxValue()
 int getMinValue()
 int getValue()
 void setValue(int value)
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleIntegerModel(int minValue,
                          int maxValue,
                          int value)
Creates a new integer model with the specified min/max and initial value

minValue - the minimum allowed value
maxValue - the maximum allowed value
value - the initial value
Method Detail


public int getMaxValue()
Specified by:
getMaxValue in interface IntegerModel


public int getMinValue()
Specified by:
getMinValue in interface IntegerModel


public int getValue()
Specified by:
getValue in interface IntegerModel


public void setValue(int value)
Specified by:
setValue in interface IntegerModel