Package de.matthiasmann.twl.model

Interface Summary
AutoCompletionDataSource An auto completion data source
BooleanModel A generic boolean model.
ButtonModel A generic button model.
ColorModel A model which stores a color value.
ColorSpace A color space used by the color selector widget.
DateModel A date model which stores the current date in milliseconds
EnumModel<T extends Enum<T>> A generic model for enum values based on a generic enum type.
FileSystemModel An generic file system abstraction which is used as base for file system widgets like FolderBrowser.
FloatModel A generic model for float values.
GraphLineModel A generic line model for a graph.
GraphModel A generic graph data model.
IntegerModel A generic model for integer values.
ListSelectionModel<T> Represents the selection of a list box or combo box.
MRUListModel<T> A generic MRU (most recently used) list model.
ObservableCharSequence A CharSequence with change callback support.
Property<T> A genric property interface for use with the PropertySheet widget
PropertyList This interface is used to create sub properties in a PropertySheet if it is used as value of another Property
StringModel A string data model.

Class Summary
AbstractColorSpace An abstract class to make implementing color spaces a bit easier
AbstractEnumModel<T extends Enum<T>> Abstract base class to simplify implementing EnumModels.
AbstractFloatModel Abstract base class to simplify float models.
AbstractIntegerModel Abstract base class to simplify integerModels.
AbstractListModel<T> Abstract base class to simplify implementating ListModels.
AbstractOptionModel A base class for option boolean model.
AbstractProperty<T> An abstract base class for Properties.
AutoCompletionResult An abstract container for auto completion results.
BitfieldBooleanModel A boolean model mapped to a single bit on an IntegerModel
ColorSpaceHSL A HSL (Hue, Saturation and Luminance) color space Hue is represented in degree from 0 to 360 Saturation and Luminance in percent from 0 to 100
CombinedListModel<T> A composite list model which concatinates several other list models.
DefaultEditFieldModel An EditFieldModel based on a StringBuilder
DefaultTableSelectionModel A table selection model for multi selection
EnumListModel<T extends Enum<T>> A read only list model containing all enum values of the specified enum.
FileSystemAutoCompletionDataSource Provides auto completion on a FileSystemModel
FileSystemTreeModel A tree model which displays the folders of a FileSystemModel
HasCallback A class to manage callbacks.
JavaFileSystemModel A file system implementation which uses as base.
OptionBooleanModel A BooleanModel which is true when the underlying IntegerModel has the specified option code.
OptionEnumModel<T extends Enum<T>> A BooleanModel which is true when the underlying EnumModel has the specified option code.
PersistentBooleanModel A model that stores a boolean value and supports callback on value change.
PersistentColorModel A Persistent color model.
PersistentEnumModel<T extends Enum<T>>  
PersistentMRUListModel<T extends Serializable> A persistent MRU list model.
ReorderListModel<T> A reordering list model - forwards changes of the base model.
SimpleAutoCompletionResult A simple auto completion result container which stores the results as strings
SimpleBooleanModel A simple boolean model
SimpleButtonModel A simple button model.
SimpleChangableListModel<T> A simple list model which manages it's content and provides method to modify that content.
SimpleDateModel A simple date model
SimpleEnumModel<T extends Enum<T>> A simple enum model
SimpleFloatModel A simple float data model.
SimpleGraphLineModel A simple graph line model which allows to shift points from right to left.
SimpleIntegerModel A simple integer model.
SimpleListSelectionModel<T> A simple list selection model
SimpleMRUListModel<T> A non persistent MRU list implementation
SimpleProperty<T> A simple implementation of a property
SimplePropertyList A simple property list property.
SimpleStringModel A simple string model.
SimpleTableModel A simple table model which stores each row as Object[]
TableSingleSelectionModel A single selection model
ToggleButtonModel A toggle button model based on SimpleButtonModel.

Enum Summary
SortOrder An enum class which represents basic sort order