Package de.matthiasmann.twl.renderer

Interface Summary
AnimationState Time source for animations.
AttributedString An attribute string which also works as an iterator.
CacheContext A cache context is used by the renderer to cache images and fonts.
DynamicImage A dynamic image is created at runtime by the application and can be updated any time.
Font A font rendering interface
Font2 Extended font rendering API
FontCache A cached text block interface
FontMapper A font mapper which tries to retrieve the closest font for the specified parameters
Image A image object can be used for rendering.
OffscreenRenderer An interface to allow offscreen rendering for special effects
OffscreenSurface An offscreen surface.
QueriablePixels Optional interface for Image / Texture to get access to the pixel data
Renderer TWL Rendering interface
Resource A resource is an object that needs to be destroyed when no longer in used.
SupportsDrawRepeat Additional drawing routine for Image objects.
Texture A texture class.

Class Summary
AnimationState.StateKey An animation state key which maps each animation state name to an unique ID.
FontParameter An extensible typed map for font parameters.
Gradient Info class used to construct a gradient image

Enum Summary